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s'qute's picture will soon be relaunched as a new discussion and forum site.It will keep all the features you know and love: Community moderation User reputations ('karma') Anonymous posting and replies Sophisticated spam detection Reply notifications     Configurable collapsed view of forums (showing only posts/replies above a threshold) In addition it will feature: Web access to mailing lists, including posting Read-only access to selected Usenet newsgroups The following features will be implemented at a later date: to be relaunched

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Dear community member, This site will soon be discontinued in its current form. When was set up, it was intended to become a moderated interface to Usenet, to free users from trolls and spam. It was also intended as a more open alternative to corporate sites like Slashdot, using community moderation, and allowing anonymous posts while avoiding spam. And finally it was a platform to test a proposed discussion-oriented P2P social network called Communion. Today text Usenet is effectively dead. There are now many other sites that use community moderation well, and allow user generated topics. These have more up-to-date interfaces and large communities.

What is HypaType? It's simply a way of speeding up your typing.

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Using HypaType, for instance, if you type the following text: "A q Apo." it will automatically be replaced with "As quickly as possible.

How much of your data do you encrypt?

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The whole disc Just my home folder Just important data Encrywhat?