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What is HypaType? It's simply a way of speeding up your typing.

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Using HypaType, for instance, if you type the following text: "A q Apo." it will automatically be replaced with "As quickly as possible.

New mailing list archive web site

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s'qute's picture will soon be relaunched as a new discussion and forum site.It will keep all the features you know and love: Community moderation User reputations ('karma') Anonymous posting and replies Sophisticated spam detection Reply notifications     Configurable collapsed view of forums (showing only posts/replies above a threshold) In addition it will feature: Web access to mailing lists, including posting Read-only access to selected Usenet newsgroups The following features will be implemented at a later date:

How much of your data do you encrypt?

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The whole disc Just my home folder Just important data Encrywhat?

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