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I am the system administrator and voice of squte.

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Links to Baha'i Faith

related: -- Benedictus Figulus - A Golden and Blessed Casket of Nature’s Marvels - Includes material by revivers of Ripleys' alchemy tradition in 16th century France. -- Cantong qi (The Seal of the Unity of the Three): The Alchemical Model - Discusses the basics of Chinese alchemy according to one of its founding documents. -- Chemistry in Ancient China: Alchemy - Brief overview of Chinese alchemy from a historical perspective. -- CHINESE ALCHEMY AND A FEW OF ITS TERMS AS USED BY IQBAL - S. Mandihassan on the origin of the word 'Sufi' from a Chinese ( Taoist ) original meaning "My master father". -- The philosophical cannons of Paracelsus - Attributed to Paracelsus but more likely the work of Penotus. -- The Theoretical Background of Laboratory Alchemy - From Joseph Needham et al., "Science and Civilisation in China". -- Wen Wang Gua - Wikipedia page on chinese alchemy I created. -- Penotus - Alchymist’s Enchiridion

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I am a developer, open source advocate and Usenetter. I am also the developer of s'qute. This is the account I use for commenting, voting, etc. It has no special privileges and is the same as every other account.

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