squte.com to be relaunched

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Dear community member,

This site will soon be discontinued in its current form.
When squte.com was set up, it was intended to become a moderated interface to Usenet, to free users from trolls and spam.
It was also intended as a more open alternative to corporate sites like Slashdot, using community moderation, and allowing anonymous posts while avoiding spam. And finally it was a platform to test a proposed discussion-oriented P2P social network called Communion.

Today text Usenet is effectively dead.
There are now many other sites that use community moderation well, and allow user generated topics. These have more up-to-date interfaces and large communities.
Meanwhile the version of the platform squte.com is based on (Drupal), is now obsolete and updating would be difficult.
So squte.com is no longer useful in its current form.

It will be replaced with a new website, which will feature forums and community moderation, but will not feature Usenet integration; this site will be better positioned as a testbed for Communion.
Any content you have posted on squte.com will become unavailable. If you want a permanent record, you should copy it before the site is updated.
Your login will be carried over, and you will be emailed when the new site is available. If you do not wish for this, you should delete your account on http://squte.com, before the old site is discontinued at the end of this year.
Deleting your account will also ensure you do not receive any more emails from the site.